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Satie / Inities - The making of


A couple of years ago I received from a close friend from Serbia Branka Parlic's recording of Eric Satie on an Ex-Jugoslavian label. I was deeply touched by the performance, but not by the sound quality. So I get in contact with Branka and invited her to come to Winterthur for doing another recording of the same program.

The original recording was a single album. During the time in the Studio we decided to record more Satie pieces and doing a Double LP.

We also kept the original besides noise such a using the pedal of the piano, breathing etc. to keep the atmosphere of the recording studio.

Branka is from Serbian origin and worldwide famous for her Satie interpretation.


Branka Parlic at the Steinway Piano


Branka Parlic with the Telefunken M10a with V86/87 amplifiers


Branka Parlic, Jürg Schopper (the producer) & Manuel Egger (from Suburban Studios)


Suburban Studios Tape equipment: Telefunken M10a with V86/87 amplifiers. Studer A 81 (German broadcast version) & Studer B 62.


Studer A 81


Suburban Studios




The Steinway Piano


Jürg Schopper, Manuel Egger & Branka Parlic


The great day when the final product is ready to deliver:
Andreas Krüsi from Adon Production AG and Jürg Schopper