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Platter Bearing Replacement Kit

A repair kit is available for the TD 124 main platter bearing. After decades of use, even with professional handling, some degree of excess play invariably affects the bearing tolerances, degrading overall performance. Designed to be self-lubricating, over time the bearing becomes dry and loose. It is not always necessary to replace the entire assembly - in many cases the bearing can be restored and returned to original specifications.

The bearing repair kit contains:

  • 1 thrust bearing plate with its 3 screws
  • 1 paper oil gasket
  • 1 bearing bottom plate


Bearing restoration results in

  • Clear improvements in rotational stability
  • Reduction in mechanical noise
  • Increased dynamic contrast


With the bearing repair kit, restoration can be carried out by any user with minimum mechanical proficiency.

Item # 3002
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Price CHF 80.--