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Restoration of Thorens TD 135 MK II

Thorens TD 135 MK II

Restoration of Thorens TD 135 MK II

Thorens introduced the TD 135 MK II in 1965. It shared the same lacquered grey finish as its big brother, the legendary TD 124 MK II, and was a substantial improvement in engineering and execution over the Mark I version. Calibrated E-50 motors from the TD 124 Mark II were used exclusively, and a Thorens TP 14 tonearm with anti-skating replaced the earlier BTD 12s.

The Mark I metal chassis was continued, but the TP14 tonearm with antiskate made possible a greater range of cartridges. The Mark II was fully equipped for stereo.

Unfortunately, many fewer MK II tables were built than had been the case for the earlier MK I version, making the model scarce.

With our full rebuild the table attains a new level of performance. While it can't match the performance of theTD 124, it surpasses many other well-known turntables. With the right cartridge, audible turntable noise tansmitted through the speaker is virtually eliminated.

Our rebuild includes the same full motor and chassis restoration we perform for the TD 124. Additionally, we replace the tonearm counterweight and replace the stock tonearm cable with a 1.2 meter shielded Swissonor cable with Neutrik plugs. State-of-the-art restoration of the TD 135 requires more time than restoring the TD 124.

Price: CHF 1250.--

We do not offer chassis repair or repainting service for this model.

Make certain that no parts are missing when you acquire a TD 135, particularly the original headshell. Replacement parts are extremely difficult to come by, and replication is difficult and costly.