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Thorens TD 125 LB

Thorens TD 125 MK I LB with Ikeda IT 407 12" inch tonearm and Ortofon SPU stereo cartridge. SCHOPPER wood console in Canadian Maple.


Two series of the Thorens 125 were made by EMT in Lahr, Germany.: the MK I and MK II. Following the legendary TD 124 (with the interlude of the smaller model TD 160), the TD 125 was the next "state of the art" turntable.

The series TD 125 were costly to produce, with a cast metal chassis. Like the TD 124, the customer could choose the tonearm.

There were also other versions for example with SME 9 inch tonearm or the model "LB" for 12 inch tonearms. This is an MK I oder MKII model with a longer chassis for the mount of matching tonearmboards.

We believe it to be one of the best tables produced by Thorens Germany, and have therefore decided to provide a  rebuilding and restoration service to SCHOPPER standards.

The table is given a new wooden plinth made to our specifications in Switzerland. Two colors are available: light maple and dark walnut.

The entire electronic system is restored to factory specifications, and all electrical and mechanical parts adjusted according to the factory service manual. A turntable that has stood the test of time for 40 years needs no 'modifications'.

We also install a shielded AC power cord. All tables are then given a two-week run-in and test period.

The Thorens TD 125 is a turntable classic still sounding better than most new tables sold today!

 All work comes with a one-year guaranty.


Highend München 2012 - Fidelity



 In front you can see the original console. It is veneered only. But the SCHOPPER console is made from massiv wood.


 Thorens TD 125 MK I LB, with SME 3012 R gold version, Ortofon SPU 90 anniversary and SCHOPPER console in American Walnut.