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Sudamericana by Fernando Oliveira & Orchestra


Sudamericana - by Fernando Oliveira und sein Orchester


Very rare 14 tracks from the original master tapes with unreleased two tracks as a bonus!


Sample tracks: 

La Cucaracha




Originally released on January 1st 1969 by Elite Special – SOLP 364
Leader – Fernando Oliveira
Recorded by Hellmuth Kolbe

This audiophile audio tape release is dedicated to a musician and an audio recording and acoustics pioneer Hellmuth Kolbe (August 28th 1926 – July 15th, 2002).

Recording equipment: Revox G 36 HS & Studer C 37. Tube Mixing Desk: Hans Leonhard


Producer and tape preparation – Jürg Schopper
Manufactured by SCHOPPER AG
Licenced from Turicaphon Switzerland


Limited deluxe 2 tape Edition.

Audiophile quality 10.5 inch/26.5 cm Reel Spools
15 IPS 2-Track CCIR Recording.

Made and Printed in Switzerland.

Label: Triston Master Recordings


Price: CHF 450.--
(plus shipping).

Please order by e-mail: info@schopper.ch