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Southern Comfort - Homesick


Southern Comfort - Homesick


Deluxe Limited Edition Tape

Rock On Analog Tape - This album from the Master Tape Recordings series from Triston Masters offers seven top-quality analogue recording tracks from Rock Band from Switzerland!


Album: Southern Comfort  – Homesick
Label: Triston Masters - TMR-T0009
Format: Reel-To-Reel, 15 ips, ¼", 2-Track Stereo, 10.5" NAB Reel, Album, Limited Edition, CCIR
Country: Switzerland
Released: June 2022
Genre:  Rock
Style:     Southern Rock


The Tape Tracks:

01.          Tavern In The City       
02.          Move To Texas 
03.          Let It Roll
04.          39 Special
05.          Johnny’s Father
06.          Southern Solution           
07.          Angel Eyes         

Total Play Time: 34:00 min



•             Bass – Fido Möll
•             Drums – Rolf Suss
•             Guitar, Backing Vocals – Jürg Schopper
•             Keyboards – Jens Weisigk
•             Lead Vocals – Eric St. Michaels
•             Violin, Guitar, Backing Vocals – Arpad Meszaros

John Phoenix, Hammond B3 and Piano.

Additional Musicians: Drums - Kevin Austin.


From The Original Master Tape on the 24 track Studer machine, it was mixed down to the master studio reel to reel machine ATR 102 ½ inch which was running with 30 IPS.

Analog Recording Tape To Studer A80 – 24 and ATR 102 ½ inch Master Tape Recorder.


Recorded 1993 Paramount Studios, Hollywood, California, USA.
Recorded by Claudio Cueni and Gabriel Sutter.
Mastered by Greg Calbi, NYC.

Deluxe Limited Edition on SM911


Features: AAA 100% Analogue - Pure Analogue Components Only from the Original Master Tapes. Pure analogue transfer from the original master tape - The entire tape mastering analogue domain chain was kept analogue from start to finish.

The Original Mastertape on one SM-911 tape, 15 IPS / 38 cm, stereo, SM911, CCIR. This tape release is included in a high-quality cardboard box and on two 10.5 inch/26.5 cm custom made aluminium reel spool.

Playback machine used for the recording: Telefunken M10A international with V86 and V87 tube amplifiers and for recording: Telefunken M15 open reel to reel tape recorder. No electronic effects or post-processing. Straight to tape recording. No digital equipment at all was involved in this production.

Triston Masters are a Switzerland label living with analogue music reproduction since 1923 in a professional studio in Switzerland, and only uses the very best audiotapes: RecordingTheMasters’ SM911 for master recording, first-generation duplication and making copies from high-quality master tapes. Triston Masters Recording powered by SCHOPPER third generation in the analogue domain with passion for vintage analogue high-fidelity gear and equipment.


Made and Printed in Switzerland.

Label: Triston Master Recordings


Price: CHF 350.--
(plus shipping).

Please order by e-mail: info@schopper.ch