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Satie / Inities / Parlic - Tape Release


Erik Satie - Initiés - Tape release

Label: Triston Master Recordings SCHOPPER Edition TMR-SE 0003
Performed by Branka Parlic
Piano: Steinway A 1952

Tape Release from the original Mastertapes on two reels, 15 IPS / 38 cm, stereo, CCIR. Sorry no other speed or equalization is available.
For this two reel tape release we are using the original mastertapes.
Playback machine is the same Tape recorder as we used for doing the recording: Telefunken M10A international with V86 and V87 tube amplifiers.
Recording Machine: Telefunken M 15.
We are using new SM 911 blank tapes. You can be sure that there is no difference between the original mastertape and the copy.

Pure analogue recording with Telefunken M 10a with V86 and V87 tube amps, Neumann KM 256 Microphones, 2 TAB V76 Mic-Preamps, mixed with a Neve Melbourn Console, EMT 140 Plate Reverb.
Recorded by Manuel Egger at Suburban Studios in Winterthur / Switzerland.

No electronic effects or post processing. Straight to tape recording.
Vinyl Cut by Adi Flück from Centraldubs with analogue tape machine.
No digital equipment at all was involved in this production.

This offer includes a high quality cardboard box and two 10.5 inch/26.5 cm metal reels made by Feinwerktechnik GmbH. Also a booklet.

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Price: CHF 450.--
(plus shipping).

Please order by e-mail: info@schopper.ch