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Since 2008 until today we are still THE Reference for TD 124 Restorations and Parts:


2017: Fidelity Hifi & Musik - Leserbild in Ausgabe No 35 - 06/2017

2016: Zero Destortion - Test review by Kedar Desai

2012: Digit-Hall - Review Salon "Haute Fildelity"

2012: Haute Fidelity - Reference Review in the biggest French Hifi Magazine

2010: Newsletter High-End Swiss  Dezember 2010 - Swissonor: Beste Vorführung 2. Platz

2010: Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) - Artikel über Thorens vom 16.12 2010

2010: Stereo Sound Japan - Interview with Juerg Schopper about Thorens History. And Japan Travel Impressions.

2010: Music Emotions - Netherlands - Interview with Jaap Pees from Hanze Hifi, our distributor for Netherlands

2009: Hifi Video Test Magazine - Netherlands - Old soldiers never die ...

2008: Stereo Sound Japan - Review

2008: Swiss Magazine "Home Electronic" - Review by H.J. Baum (German language)
Besuchen Sie auch die Homepage von "Home Electronic" - Das einzige Schweizer Hifi-Magazin!

2008: AV Guide Online - Podcast (German language)

2008: US Magazine "Stereophile" - Listening # 65 - by Art Dudley

2008: US Magazine "Stereophile"
- Art Dudley has voted the Schopper Thorens TD 124 for the product of the year 2008

2007: French Magazine "Revue du Son" - Review by Jean Hiraga

2007: The non magnetic platter - Review by Richard Foster








SCHOPPER Thorens TD 124

Product of the Year 2008 !

We are very proud that Mr. Art Dudley from Stereophile Magazine chosed our Thorens TD 124 as product of the year ! Thank you Art !

Art Dudley: Schopper mods for Thorens TD 124 (Vol 31 No 5, May 2008). „When I look at the 1960s-vintage Thorens TD 124, I say „That is what good engeneering looks like". The full brace of Schopper refinements created a record player that could compete with virtually anyhting I've heard in terms of trebel openness and clarity, midrange detail and -especially - bass extension"

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