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New Replacement for the Idler Wheel


We can now offer again the replacement idler wheels for the TD 124 manufactured by a specialized Swiss firm from superior material to our demanding specifications !

Newest series from 2023. 

The idler wheel is one of the key parts in the TD 124. Due to wear and ageing, the original idler wheel often needs to be replaced for the turntable to perform as it should. The idler wheel can also be easily deformed, for example, if the turnable is unused for an extended period, or if the turntable is left with the switch set to one of the speeds instead of the „off" position

Various after-market replacements are available, often made from inferior material to loose specifications. None of them meet the necessary quality standards. Even New Old Stock (NOS) idler wheels can fail to meet the original Thorens specifications.

Together with a specialized firm in Switzerland which fornerly made pinch rollers for Studer professional reel-to-reel tape players using a world-wide patent-protected process, we've finally succeeded in producing an idler wheel which surpasses the precision tolerances and the performance of the original. Our new ideler wheel is the first replacement for this vital component which not only meets our exacting requirements but delivers performance which surpasses our expectations!

Item # 1305

Please order by e-mail info@schopper.ch

Price CHF 290.--