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Schopper AG — Living for music since 1923

Our History: From a small musical instrument shop to the World Wide Web...

It has been a long journey since the day we open the doors to the public for the first time. The year is 1923 when my grandfather decided to establish a small musical instrument store in the city of Schaffhousen, in northeastern Switzerland.

Several years passed by before my grandfather chose to settle in the, then, prosperous and cultural city of Winterthur. With the rapid growth of business, the shop, that originally intended on selling just music supplies primarily, started to diversify by adding a new line of products such as grammophones, phonographs and radios.

In the early 1950s my grandfather went ahead to buy the building from where we still run operations today. Then, my father Alfred and my uncle Walter decided to join forces in order to cope with the growth of business. Ultimately, my mother founded the record division, which was extremely profitable. She devoloped a complex network of distribution, and she became popular by offering at the time, one of the finest record selections available throughout Switzerland.

At the end of the 1960s my parents decided only to market electronic equipment. Unfortunatley, they closed down the Record Department due to tight competition from small and major retailers.

It is until 1987 that I started managing the store as my parents chose to retire. With the coming of the CD era, the store shifted to a new line of high end stereo equipments. However, my passion for the vinyl never vanished. As a child, I recall helping my mother in the record division of the shop. In fact, when the LP stopped being manufactured in large quantities, I started to gather boxes filled with numerous records, which sold in a short period of time. By then, In continued selling sophisticated turntables, and such a situation convinced me that the CD was still really missing a lot.

As the demand for the vinyl grew fast, I decided to print out lists of the best records, which sold out at an impressive pace. In the process, I acquired a large knowledge on the subject of LPs. This vast learning allowed me to sell mostly reference recordings and to attract a diversified clientele that really believes in our products and business.

Do not hesitate to visit our web-page because it is constantly updated with exciting new records. Our friendly staff will be ready to answer to your inquiries and to proces and expedite your orders as well. Thank you for choosing us.


Juerg Schopper