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Beat Beat Beat


Dieses Album wurde als LP auf dem Elite Special Label (SOLP-S-33-250 Stereo) im Jahr 1965 veröffentlicht. Dieser Tape-Release wird direkt vom originalen Masterband von Turicaphon kopiert.
Aussergewöhnlich ist, dass es sich um ein echte Stereo-Aufnahme handelt.
Hervorragende Qualität und Auswahl der beliebten Beats der 60er Jahre. 

Never before has been published on analog tape "Various – Beat Beat Beat"! You can hear 1965 Progressive Rock songs - a rare, killer beat/garage song from '65 featuring The Eyes, The Golfs, The Liverpool Beats, The Rollicks, The Progressives and others. Original recording released in the year 1965 by Turicaphon AG.


Album: Various – Beat Beat Beat
Label:    Triston Master Recordings
Format: Reel-To-Reel, 15 ips, ¼", 2-Track Stereo, 10.5" NAB Reel, Compilation, Limited Edition, Special Edition, CCIR Equalization
Country: Switzerland
Released: 2022 
Genre:  Rock, Pop
Style:     Beat



1. The Eyes – Baby, Baby
2. The Eyes – Another Saturday Night
3. The Golfs – Bread And Butter
4. The Liverpool Beats – Walkin' The Dog
5. The Progressives – She Said Yeah
6. The Progressives – Matchbox
7. The Progressives – Hurtin' Inside

8. The Rollicks – Rosalie Come Back To Me
9. The Leeanjeans – A Hard Days Night
10. The Rollers – Jack The Ripper
11. The Rollicks – You Better Move On
12. The Leeanjeans – Run Away
13. The Rollicks – Sweet Little Rock And Roller
14.  The Progressives – Ain't Got You


Original Recordings Release Year: 1965

All tracks are Star-Club recording:

The Eyes = The Eyes
The Golfs = The Cricket Show Band
The Liverpool Beats = The Four Renders
The Progressives = The Black Devils
The Rollicks = The Rollicks
The Leanjeans = The Rivets
The Rollers = Shorty & Them


Original Releases: In 1965 Made in Switzerland - Turicaphon AG

Produced by Juerg Schopper.

Features: AAA 100% Analogue - Pure Analogue Components Only from the Master Tapes. Pure analog transfer from the original master tape - The entire tape mastering analog domain chain was kept analogue from start to finish.

The original Mastertapes on two reels, 15 IPS / 38 cm, stereo, SM911, CCIR. This tape release included in high quality cardboard box and on one 10.5 inch /  26.5 cm custom made aluminium reel spool (made by Die Tonbandspule, Germany). 

Playback machine used for the recording: Telefunken M10A international with V86 and V87 tube amplifiers and for recording: Telefunken M15 open reel to reel tape recorder.

No electronic effects or post-processing. Straight to tape recording. No digital equipment at all was involved in this production.


Price: CHF 350.--
(plus shipping).

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