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Thorens TD 124 - SCHOPPER Aluminium Upper Platter

New Schopper TD124 Top Platter

A warped or deformed top platter can dampen the performance of even a perfectly functioning TD 124. Unfortunately it is no longer possible to meet the demand for a replacement top platter by replicating the technology employed by Thorens at the time of manufacture - the machine tools and technique no longer exist.

After years of experimentation using skilled machinists and considerable investment, we are pleased to announce that we have now succeeded in producing a top platter for the TD 124 which meets our demanding requirements.

We start with a 5-kilo solid block of cast, certified aluminium. A special clamping device was designed to ensure that the block remains stable during the milling process, for which the required tools had to be designed. Transforming the solid aluminium proeeds in three stages, between which the platter is tempered to ensure that the final product will not warp - a lengthy process.

The new top platter is an instant replacement for the original, although it may be necessary to adjust the platter brake as the height of the original installation may vary. The original 45 RPM adaptor and rubber mat are reused.

Our top platter is not simply a replacement for warped or deformed original platters. It brings significant sonic benefits, with reduced background noise, improved, more dynamic bass response and a greater sense of spaciousness.

We supply the top platter with six new rubber pads for the main platter.

Item # 1005

Price CHF 790.-

Please order by e-mail info@schopper.ch