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Idler Wheel Noise Reduction Kit


Available again!

The idler wheel is at the heart of the TD 124's unique drive system - a combination of belt/idler drive which delivers unsurpassed performance.

Over time, the forces which propel the idler wheel inevitably contribute to wear and deformation of the mounting system at its centre.

Even when the idler wheel itself is in good condition (and the original Thorens part is exceptionally sturdy), this results in an increase in mechanical noise and sonic degradation.

Our new idler wheel noise reduction kit enables the idler to perform to its original specifications.

The kit consists of one rubber replacement washer and a special small container manufactured to our specifications, plus oil for

Complete installation/adjustment instructions are included, and the kit can be installed by anyone with a minimum of mechanical proficiency - only a screwdriver is required.

Installation of the washers and proper lubrication result in a measurable reduction in mechanical noise, which translates into

  • purer musical timbres and a reduction in grain, allowing an even more organic musical expression
  • greater frequency extension inn both bass and treble
  • a wider, deeper soundstage with rock-solid image stability


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