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Step Pulley Restoration for Emporium Series

Step Pulley restoration for earliest MK I series (Emporium)

Officially there are two different models of the TD 124: The beige MK I and the grey MK II. But important variations exist as well within the MKI.

The very early ones, from serial Nr. 1003 until about Nr. 15000 use a step pulley which was eventually replaced. The earliest series can be easily identified by removing the mein platter to view the step pulley. If you have one with a bronze top, you have the earliest model. All later MK I and all MK II models use a step pulley in which the shaft is fitted to the step pulley and the step pulley bearing is fitted to the chassis.

Thorens discovered that this early step pulley design generated excessive noise. Particularly following the introduction of stereo records in the early 1950's, the Thorens engineers worked to develop a quieter step pulley system.

In the course of over 600 TD124 restorations we saw many of these early model TD124s. Even after restoring them to specifications which exceeded the original factory requirements, there was always some residual noise generated by the step pulley bearing, a continual whoosh and sometimes a repeating click. Lubrication can reduce but not eliminate this - the noise always returns.

We can offer now a high quality replacement bronze bushing for the earliest models which completely eliminates this noise and offers a huge improvement in sound quality.

Our new replacement step pulley bronze bushing is a high quality part requiring a complex production procedure.

Attention: We do not sell the bushing as a single item because it requires a special tool for insertion into the step pulley. Our complete step pulley restoration also includes a new, specially designed and manufactured replacement ball.

Service # 9011

Price CHF 250.--   additional to the cost of the chassis and motor restoration.


Picture above: before restoration
Picture below: after restoration


Step Pulley with carefully removed bearing.


Shaft of the Step Pulley of first MK I series (Emporium)



Picture below:
Left side: Step Pulley of later MK I and all MK II models
Right side: Step Pulley of first MK I series (Emporium)