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Restoration of early Main Platter Bearings


Restoration of early Main Platter Bearing with plastic bushings and for all other TD 124 which have used or defect bushings

The earlies TD 124 main platter bearings were supplied with plastic bushings. These proved unsatisfactory, and so were replaced with bronze bushings. Plastic bushings cannot be restored, and the bronze bushings which replaced them were not entirely satisfactory. With time the later bronze bearings also need replacement for optimal performance of the critical main platter bearing.

Schopper AG is now producing highest quality Swiss-made bronze bushings for the main platter bearing.

Attention: We cannot offer these as a single replacement part. They are available as part of our main bearing restoration service, which includes the new bronze replacement bushings, the main bearing repair kit # 3002, and a running in of the whole assembly in our workshop.

Service # 9012

Price CHF 195.-- additional to cost of the complete the chassis and motor restoration


Earliest plastic bushing of the main platter bearing


Original bronze bushings of later main platter bearings (all model)


New bronze bushings before fitting.