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Identification Plate for TD 124 MK I & MK II

One of the distinctive aesthetic features of the TD series turntables is the unique speed indicator/serial number "Identification Plate" which announces "Thorens - Made in Switzerland" and surrounds the speed selector knob on the 124 Mark I and II. These plates - tastefully red on silver on the Mark I in harmony with the cream chassis, assertively black on silver for the Mark II in keeping with that unit's distinctive art deco styling - can become scratched, faded or damaged with time.

We have now been able to find a source to manufacture high quality replica replacement identification plates for both the Mark I and II models. These are manufactured from aluminum to the original specifications and are visually very egal to the originals. They are sourced in Switzerland from one of the few companies worldwide which can still perform this kind of exact replica metal work. We recommend these replacement plates particularly for those customers wishing a complete chassis restoration including repainting to complete the job with full cosmetic restoration.

We do not sell this part as single item. Only in connection with the complete restoration


Price: CHF 120.- additional to the cost of the complete motor and chassis restoration


Identification Plate for MK I - Part # 7004


Identification Plate for MK II - Part # 7005


Sample of a scratched original Identification Plate