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Guide to buying a used Thorens TD 124

Ebay is an obvious source for a TD 124. Whether you buy one on auction or privately, there are some simple rules to follow:

  • Verify that the unit is COMPLETE! Our restoration service does not include the replacement of missing parts!
  • Verify that the table has the ORIGINAL E 50 motor - we do not restore the inferior Papst replacement motor.
  • Extremely important: Make sure that the Aluminium top platter is not missing and that it is in good shape (no warp and damages).
  • Insist that the main platter and aluminium platter are separated from the chassis during transport and packed well.


Above all, educate yourself about the TD124 and take time to find a good candidate for restoration. Patience is rewarded when you find a well preserved table.

Thorens' worldwide service departments were exhausting their stock of E 50 motors by the 1970's, and introduced a Papst motor replacement. This motor cannot attain the performance level of a restored original. We strongly recommend against the purchase of a TD 124 with the Papst replacement. Because of its inferior performance, we do not service the Papst and we do not offer replacement E 50 motors. See pic of Papst motor...


MK I or MK II?

Aesthetic considerations apart (whether you prefer grey or cream, the more functional looking speed selector etc. of the Mk I vs. the art deco-inspired Mk II), both are superb, and offer subtly different strengths.

The earliest MK I models with the original step pulley design offer the strongest dynamics, but give up a bit on resolution vs. the later models.

The MK I models with the new step pulley design are quieter. Their performance is very close to the MK II, which differs from the Mk I through an improved motor and motor mounting system. The sound offers more detail, but marginally less dynamic
capability than the MK I.

Early MK I models are the most collectible - IF you find one in original condition.

All models offer stunning performance following our restoration. Testreview


The Five steps to the perfect TD 124

1. Full restoration # 9005
2. Non magnetic platter # 1001
3. New plinth # 2001 - 2005
4. New Armboard # 2501 - 2603
5. Pure silver replacement powercord with optimal shielding for RFI rejection and improved motor performance


Buying a complete Thorens TD 124 from SCHOPPER

We only offer TD 124s which are fully restored by our technical staff.
Prices start at CHF 5000.--