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Color Restoration of the Chassis


As a special service (undertaken only as part of a complete restoration), we are now able to offer complete color restoration of the TD 124 chassis, both Mark I and II models.

All parts are removed, the original paint is completely stripped, all scratches, scuffs, dings etc are eprofessionally repaired and sanded before the chassis is primed an multiple coats of color based on the original Mark I / II mixes are applied.

In additional to the traditional Mark I beige and Mark II grey custom colors can be applied as well - like this Ferrari red which was a special order for a Ferrari Enthusiast. We personally recommend the orignal color.

Price: CHF 590.--


Before the restoration

After the restoration



Above: original MK I beige
Middle: Silver metallic and Ferrari red
Below: Black and "Ciel Bleu" metallic