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Motor Damping Set FD 81

The TD 124 series motor suspension dampers were made of rubber and become brittle and dry over the years. For optimal decoupling of the motor from the chassis these suspension rod dampers must be replaced, otherwise motor vibration will be transmitted through the chassis to the armboard and into the arm and cartridge. To minimize this vibration ("rumble") we've developed a new rubber formulation which results in a massive reduction in motor vibration-induced rumble through vastly improved decoupling. If your table is a TD 124 Series I, we recommend our TD 124 E 50 Motor Mark I/Mark II Conversion Kit.

The set includes 6 rubber suspension dampers (Series I motors require only 3) and 3 washers and locking rings, one for each suspension rod.

The motor damping set works on all 121 / 124 / 135 / 184 / 224, Serie I and II Thorens tables. As noted, Series I motors require only 3 dampers and installation accessories.

Installation of the replacement motor suspension dampers is straightforward:
1. Remove the main platter as per installation of the non-magnetic platter (steps 1-4).
2. Remove the pins from the motor plate
3. Supporting the motor from below, remove the locking rings from the suspension rods.
4. Replace the rubber dampers and their washers.
5. Fasten in place the locking rings.
6. Reinsert the pins in the motor plate.
7. The suspension dampers must not bind the interface with the chassis in order to maintain the correct position of the motor.

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