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Level Adjustment Wheel for TD 124 & TD 224

We are now able to supply high quality replacements for the long-unavailable level adjustment wheels for the Thorens 124/224.

While the adjustment wheels appear simple at first sight, production is difficult and costly. They are produced by skilled hand work, using centuries-old watchmaker's methods, rather than mass machining, which produces unsatisfactory results.

Over time, the originals lose their lustre and become difficult to turn on their support screws, making it impossible to achieve precise leveling of the turntable. Unlike the originals, our leveling wheels are anodized and will preserve their attractive finish.

The replacement set contains 4 adjustment wheels and 8 support screws - four long supports, corresponding to the original Thorens part, and four shorter supports for use for use with massive plinth designs.

Item # 7001
Please order by e-mail info@schopper.ch

Price CHF 150.--